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Let me repeat that!

Great tennis footwork is the key to great tennis.

This for many people is something that is overlooked.

Too many people concentrate too much time and energy on a particular shot or shots, but the fact remains – it doesn’t matter how good the shot is if you are never in a good position to hit it!!

Just stop for [...]

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These are the articles in Issue 18 of Tennis Tribe Magazine:

Cover Story: Nadal vs Djokovic – who will rule in 2014? By Tennis Tribe Reporter
Strategy Zone: The 6 x 5 Tennis Strategy Formula (Part 1)  – by Paul Gold
Technical Tennis: The Single Handed Backhand – By Paul Gold (video)
Body Talk: Plank with Hip Twists: best exercise to improve your core [...]


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Q1. During the course of your matches do you….
1. hope the ball comes to you?
2. react on instinct….sometimes it works out but other times you find yourself out of [...]