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First of all thanks!!!

The feedback has been great regarding the 2 videos I put out about the 24 Day Tennis Turnaround Toolkit (if you haven’t seen both of them yet or haven’t left a comment or question then first go here and here and come back).

People have really commented and zoned in on the fact that I was talking about […]

To keep going on at you would be silly, but this game of tennis can be made simple as well as effective – seriously!!!

Have you heard of the 80:20 rule?

Well it states that 80% of your successes will come from only 20% of your efforts (the trick is to know what that 20% is).

So with that here is a video […]


The “humble” side shuffle.

We all use it to get around the tennis court right?


I was watching a group of tennis players the other day whose biggest problem was not how they hit the ball, but how they moved to the ball and then arrived at the ball.

The problem was this!

Running in a straight line forwards (linear) to a ball does […]

T-drill thumbnail

Let me repeat that!

Great tennis footwork is the key to great tennis.

This for many people is something that is overlooked.

Too many people concentrate too much time and energy on a particular shot or shots, but the fact remains – it doesn’t matter how good the shot is if you are never in a good position to hit it!!

Just stop for […]